Camera capers

PUNE: I recently picked up an Olympus E500 and the World Juniors was a good opportunity to try out my photography skills. The lighting was excellent, and I was rather happy with some of the results. The digital camera has made things simple. I have great regard for Preben Soborg and Louis Ross, whose black-and-white photos still evoke the great bygone eras of world badminton. Both Soborg and Ross traveled extensively, and their work helped capture the finest moments of players like Hartono, King, Padukone and others. My photography, on the other hand, is more about documentation than art. Here is one of the better pictures I took of Saina in the women’s singles final, which she won over Sayaka Sato of Japan.
By the way, October 2 was a good day for Indian badminton — Saina Nehwal won India’s first ever world title, while Anand Pawar won the Hungarian Open beating Martin Delfs in the final. Martin is the son of Flemming Delfs, one of the most graceful players of all time, who held the All England and World Championships titles in 1977.


About badmintonmania

Sometimes I wonder if I'm the Indian in Thoreau's Walden who makes cane baskets and is surprised nobody wants them. A. was talking about discipline when she said: "But Dev, if you want to move ahead in life, you'll have to be like that," and she may as well have defined everything else for me. I've played the low percentage game for too long to believe there's anything in it but the romance; the odds keep getting jacked up higher and higher; and you may be a good Idealist but a worse Fool.
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