A Seminar on Indian Badminton

GUTS badminton magazine, in association with Karnataka Badminton Association, presents:

A Seminar on Indian Badminton

As part of its efforts to open up discussion around Indian and world badminton, GUTS announces its first seminar on the 31st of January (Saturday), at KBA, Raheja Stadium, 10.15am. The purpose of the seminar is to give an opportunity to the badminton community (coaches, players, parents, media and others) to air their opinions, and to discuss trends, problems, and other issues surrounding the game. The seminar is not a platform for redressal of grievances.
We hope this will foster a spirit of enquiry and debate, and will stimulate new advances in the game, helping India become not just a medal-winning country, but a society that supports badminton and all other sports. We will try to focus on the positive and not the negative, and therefore will try to avoid the usual kind of complaining that accompanies discussions on Indian sport. Instead, we hope to achieve a higher level of debate so that we return enriched from the experience. We aim to have this seminar once every two months. Please be seated in the hall by 10.20am.
We invite all members, staff and office-bearers of KBA, the Tata Padukone Badminton Academy, other academies, clubs, coaches, parents of players, and media.

The first seminar will follow the following schedule:

Welcome address: Dev S Sukumar, GUTS: 10.30am

Inauguration: by KBA President Madappa: 10.45am

Honouring of Bangalore’s referees and umpires: Mr Suresh Kumar, Mr ND Murali, Mr Rajagopal and Mr Krishnamurthy on behalf of GUTS by KBA President Mr Madappa.

1. The Challenges of Junior Coaching
By Shivaprakash, coach and founder, White Peacock

11am to 11.15 am.

2. Making a Career in Indian Badminton in Current Economic Times
By Nandan Kamath, founder, sports management firm GoSports

3. The Game is Changing
(New trends in the world game)
By Anup Sridhar, world no.37
11.30am to 11.40am
Discussion: 11. 40am to 11.45am

4. Recovering from Injury
By Aditi Mutatkar, world no.38
11.45am to 12 noon

5. Panel Discussion: India Forward: Aiming for the top-6
Steps at the grassroots, funding, delivering results

Panel: Sudhir NC (KBA Secretary), Vimal Kumar (coach, Tata Padukone Badminton Academy), Aravind Bhat (world no.27).
Moderator: Abraham Mathew E, President, Cybermedia India Pvt Ltd
12 noon to 12:20.

Floor opens for questions


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