Olympic gold medallist Abhinav Bindra’s long-time coach Heinz Renkleimier, talked of how Bindra had accepted the ‘suffering’ that was part of the process of winning. “He was mentally prepared to suffer (had he not won it). Others may have made it through patience and motivation but Abhinav made it through suffering.”
“In shooting, you can shoot well and still not win the gold. So it is important that everything falls in place on the big day.” Renkleimier was of the view that “shooting a good final shot means doing half the job. Even a machine cannot always shoot 10.9 (the maximum). So when you do as well as Abhinav did in Beijing, you have every reason to feel proud of the performance. But you cannot go hysterical. You have to remain calm till it is finally over.”

Ishant Sharma, perhaps the most dangerous fast bowler in the world, says he does not believe in experimenting in the match and relies on whatever he practises at the nets. “You should try in a match only what you have practised in the nets. You should not try new things straightaway while playing for the country,” he said. “I am trying to bowl at 100 mph but what is more important is which areas I hit. If you get that speed but the delivery is short- or over-pitched and ball goes across the boundary than there is no use of it.

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